Increase your top and bottom lines, boost total sales, analyse your marketing spend, increase in store personalisation, create an omni channel environment and reduce capital expenditures.


Execute business strategies on the shop level, increase conversion rates, identify missed opportunities and make gains through maximising average $ sales. Adjust staffing rosters based on Foot Fall figures to improve customer service and decrease queue waiting times.


Compare and analyse marketing campaigns, assess different marketing platforms based on Foot Fall numbers. Gain an understanding of your shoppers, their in store behaviour, buying patterns and utilise our services to engage with your shopper the moment they enter the store.


Reduce the guesswork and maximise the impact of product placement and store design. Identify high and low engagement areas, measure window effectiveness and understand if it is luring customers into the store and ultimately converting their attention into a sale.

Powerfully responsive dashboards

phone, tablet or PC


Once our Bellwether People Counting system is installed onsite all data is instantly captured and sent back via 3G/WIFI to our dashboard. All data is accessible in Real time with the ability to search historical data sets and complete analysis on events, long weekends and marketing campaigns etc.

All information is displayed on the Bellwether Dashboard using a range of beautiful, informative graphs that provide valuable insights for business owners.

We have put together the best of our experience

Realtime Retail Ready Data

Use the Bellwether system to have your finger on the pulse, monitoring Online & Offline Traffic plus your Staffs performance.

Foot Fall Data

Cutting-edge hardware, will count and track your customers in a non-invasive manner giving you live feedback on performance and comparison.

Sales Data

Input your sales data into your dashboards to measure conversion rates, customer value & see star staff performers - real time.

Web/Online Data

Integrate your website and social media channels to gain up-to-date analysis of your effectiveness in the fastest growing sales medium on the planet.

      We automate big-data analysis into beautiful, easy to understand dashboards


Every customer focused business in New Zealand deserves the right to make sound evidence supporting business decisions.

  • People Count
  • Supreme Accuracy
  • 3D StereoVision
  • Powerful dashboard analysis
  • Small & discreet
  • 24/7 Free Support
  • External data plugin avaliable
  • Outdoors
  • Weather Proof
  • 3D StereoVision
  • Can be mounted externally
  • Supreme Accuracy
  • Relocatable
  • External data plugin avaliable


The features, capabilities and opportunities with bellwether are endless. Here are our top 5 favourites

Automated People Counting

By understanding how many people come through the door at any given moment, you gain an understanding of what is happening within your business. Whilst you may believe you currently have a good understanding, by gathering high quality real-world evidence on the go, with no staff interactions required - you can be responsive with your business.

Marketing Effectiveness

When you are spending money on marketing you need to know what is working so that you can do more of that. Being able to track your Foot Fall numbers allows you to analyse and monitor the impact of your marketing in real time. Contribute your sales data into the dashboard and see how these foot fall changes are affecting your bottom line.

Multiple Channel Approach

Using powerful analysis algorithms the Bellwether dashboard can utilise many different data channels. Measure not only the effectiveness on Foot Fall, but the effect on facebook likes, or website visits. Take it one step further including transaction numbers and sales data to have your conversion rates calculated.

Store/Location Comparison

If you own more than one store, have multiple locations or belong to a franchise group then you would benefit from benchmarking your locations against one another. We have several clients who are in this situation and the competition is fierce.

Historical Comparison

Look back historically down to the minute and understand what is affecting your business. A powerful search function allows you to look back as far as data sets exist. You can compare holiday weeks against standard weeks. Understand if events in your area do affect your sales.

Staff Management

If you are away from the store it’s often hard to truly understand what is happening whilst you aren’t there. Bellwether can be your eyes and ears, providing you with real time data that showcases staff inadequacies in sales, performance or issues with current staffing rosters and timings.


Data Captures

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Dynamic Graphs

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Data Points

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People Counted

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